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Bruce LaBruce is a writer, film-maker, and photographer stuck in the gulag otherwise known as Toronto, Canada. He started out as a child, then quickly moved on to the production of homo punk fanzines (J.D.s [with G.B. Jones], Dumb Bitch Deserves To Die [with Candy Parker]) and super 8 movies (Boy/Girl, I Know What It's Like To Be Dead, Bruce and Pepper Wayne Gacy's Home Movies [with Candy Parker], Slam!). These products helped to launch the so-called Homocore or Queercore movement which corrupted a whole new generation of homosexuals.In 1991 LaBruce released his first feature length film. No Skin Off My Ass - an exploration of the sordid relationship between a faggoty hairdresser (played by LaBruce himself) and a mute, handsome young skinhead - went on to become a world-wide cult hit. His follow-up feature Super 8 1/2 (1994) is a harrowing cautionary bio-pic about LaBruce's rocky rise to cult stardom. LaBruce may or may not be playing himself in this disturbing film, an aging porn star/director whose career is on the skids owing to his inability to cope with his emerging identification as a cineaste. Super 8 1\2 went on to become a film festival circuit favourite, earning slots in such high-profile fests as Sundance, London, Berlin, Dublin, Thessaloniki, Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco and Tokyo.

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