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The Danny Glover moviegoers know was born in San Francisco and co-starred in the Lethal Weapon series with Mel Gibson.

The Danny Glover he'd like us to know is an activist who has been serving the community all his life. The community, by the way, is the world we live in. While addressing college students in a political science class, he said, \"I have a relationship with this world simply because of the color of my skin. And I've never been able to forget that.\"

Glover adds, \"I can go anywhere I want in the world, but that's not important to me. What's important to me is to say, 'What kind of world are we going to bring about? What kind of world are we going to create?'\"

Glover is best known for his role as detective Roger Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon but often seeks parts with a social conscience. He did a one-man show about Martin Luther King Jr. called Prophesy in America, which toured the United States and Africa in 1981. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Walden House, a drug rehabilitation program in Oakland, California.

Glover believes that problems with drugs and racism are the result of a lack of relationship among people in communities. He says, \"We tolerate each other but we don't really listen to each other. We have to have some sort of common journey.\"

Raised in Florence, South Carolina, Glover earned a degree from San Francisco College before attending The Black Actors' Workshop. He made his film debut in 1979 in Escape from Alcatraz.

He has won numerous awards, including Lifetime Achievement awards from both the Jamerican International Film Festival and the Los Angeles Pan African Film Festival. He has been married to Asake Bomani since 1975, but they have recently filed for divorce. They have one child.

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