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Popular Christian music singer Debby Boone is known for her '70s hit \"You Light Up My Life,\" which stayed at number one for ten weeks in 1977 and won her a Grammy Award for Best New Artist. Born in New Jersey, Debby Boone's life was full of music growing up. Her father is Pat Boone, the popular singer of the '50s. At the age of 14, Debby Boone began touring with her three sisters and her father. Her first solo effort was \"You Light Up My Life\" and it rendered Debby Boone instant fame and fortune. As pop music changed in the 80s to include not only music but videos, Debby Boone found it hard to keep up the pace. 80s pop music seemed more about image than the message behind the music. She turned her interests to Christian and inspirational music. Her albums include The Best of Debby Boone, Songs of Debby Boone and Friends for Life released on Sparrow Records. She won two more Grammy awards in the Christian and inspirational categories. Slowly, the pace of music became message-oriented again. Debby Boone eventually wants to return to the music industry, influenced by artists Joan Osborne and k.d. lang. Aside from a successful music and stage career, Debby Boone is also credited as being a children's author. With four children of her own, she is somewhat of an authority. She wrote Hours for Little Ones and Tomorrow Is a Brand New Day. Her 1997 book, Nightlights, was illustrated by her husband, Gabriel Ferrer. She has also produced two children's videos, Bobby Boone's Hug-A-Long Songs, Vol. 1 and Bobby Boone's Hug-A-Long Songs, Vol. 2. She has also written her biography which contains growing up with Pat Boone, her musical career and her married life. Bobby Boone So Far was written with Dennis Baker and published by Thomas Nelson Publishers in 1981. Debby Boone's acting career includes playing Rizzo in the Broadway production of Grease. In 1984 she portrayed Clarissa Hope in the television movie, Sins of the Past. With a vast array of talent as an author, actress and singer, Debby Boone continues to pursue a variety of interests. Pat Boone describes his daughter as a \"reluctant risk taker.\" Debby Boone's single hit \"You Light Up My Life\" in 1977 brought about the confidence to make Debby Boone successful in all aspects of her life. Debby Boone resides in Sherman Oaks, California with her husband and their four children, Gabrielle, Dustin, Jordan and Tessa. Her husband, Gabriel Ferrer, is the son of popular film stars Rosemary Clooney and Jose Ferrer.

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